The Warriors Movie Analysis

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Everything stared in 1757 when the French and the British were fighting for the territory of North America. As well, Indian tribes helped on the war fighting for both sides. The most important character in the story are Chingachook, his son Uncas, and the adopoted son Hawkeye. The British army needs new volunteers to fight against to the French, so Colonist Jack Winthrop and a group of other colonist leave for Albany in New York. Winthrop leave to talk with General Weed about these terms. The General Weed say that they would leave if their village are attacked. Concurrently, the daughter of the Colonel Edmund Munroe, Cora and Alice Munroe, travel to see his father. They Travel with a British garrison commanded by Major Dunca Howar. Also, a native named Magua led the trip into the forest trail. When everyone got into the forest, Magua turns around and attack one people of the garrison. As soon as Magua attacked, a group of Huron attacked the other of the British garrison. For lucky, Chingachgook , Uncas, and Hawkeye arrive to fight the group of Huron. When the fight was over just Cora, alice and Dunca were alive. Then, Hawkeye told the group of survives that he will guide them to Fort William Henry. After everyone got supplies, they begin…show more content…
This material makes references in Chapter 4 when it is going to talk about the French and Indian War. In Europe this is known as the Seven years’ War; however, both named mean the same thing. The rivalry between Britain and French are too famous that they made an imperial showdown. This was a Global war, and both side have allies from the Indian tribes. The spark of the war start when they dispute the colonist in the Ohio River Valley. They both think have control of the Ohio River Valley, and they established for in the River. When each figured out the fort of another, they begun the fighting with each other. (Chapter 4 Pages 8
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