The Wars Timothy Findley Analysis

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Responsibility often comes with the connotations of burden and sacrifice and most of the time, this is true. In The Wars, by Timothy Findley, the concept of responsibility is demonstrated in the character of Mrs. Ross whose duties as a wife and a mother may be viewed as cold, cruel, and purposefully isolating; the complete opposite of the archetype of a compassionate mother figure. However, like each unique individual in society, the way one responds and takes responsibility varies infinitely; Mrs. Ross attempts to dissociate from society when she feels she has not fulfilled her duties and responsibilities. However, her empathetic nature prevents her from completely isolating herself from all sentiment. Rather, she subconsciously internalizes the welfare and hardships faced by others while sacrificing her own well-being. Through the complex character of Mrs. Ross, Timothy Findley explores the selfless, and sometimes unconventional nature of responsibility, where individuals may attempt to isolate oneself from the burdens of responsibility but still feel obligated to affirm their roles through internalizing the welfare of others whilst depriving oneself if the duties are not fulfilled.…show more content…
However, the burdens of responsibility can lead individuals to attempt to isolate oneself from those they love, yet it is impossible to completely remove oneself from all forms of emotional attachment. Rather, the individual may subconsciously internalize the welfare and hardships faced by others over the well-being of oneself and this can cause a forced deprivation of help and love due to the obligation that one feels to be owed in their responsibility. It is human nature to feel guilt and burdened by the consequences of love and responsibility, but although burdensome, responsibility is crucial in illustrating the inherent empathy and fragility present in all
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