The Waste Land Poem Analysis

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It is not long T.S Eliot published the poem “The Waste Land” after The World War I. The poem addresses the modern Europe after the warfare which is the poem title suggested – A waste land, the loss of civilization culture and order. With all those premise, it is not hard to know why the imagery of water and fire significantly fascinating repeat between stanza to stanza, in exterior, spirit level, and religious level, since water and fire is meaning the Europe’s circumstance after the World War I, the flow of river represents the flow of life and the religious meaning of fire and water in the poem. First of all, Fire and water superficially presenting the Europe’s circumstance after the World War I. “Dull roots with spring rain.” (Eliot 9)…show more content…
The poem mention about the Tarot card’s “Queen of Cups” by “Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks, The lady of situations.” (Eliot 13) which is a Tarot card of a beautiful woman holding a holy grail, that is, the meaning of purification in the matter of religion since the holy grail holds the holy water for baptism. More than that, the background of tarot card “Queen of Cups” is a burned ground cover with water which can be comprehended as the rebirth land after the fire, and purify by the holy water. Also, there is more about the holy water similar to the tarot card. Eliot write about the Ganges in “Ganga was sunken, and the limp leaves” (46), that is the river of holiness in the Buddhist tradition and it is able to wash away sins. As Eliot himself is probing the way of religious, water becomes the synonym of purifying sins, that he constantly reminds himself of it. Religious affiliation becomes important while those people living in the shadow of war and the waste land. It is depending on their belief to determine rather they will rise from the fire like a phoenix or not. All in all, both water and fire is the symbolic meaning a wide variety religious, giving the believers chances to reborn from the
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