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The water for any human mean the life, what if your life has been thereat? A 90 million in risk in Egypt. In Egypt the Nile is the artery of the whole country, it’s involve in Egyptians life’s every single day it give’s them electricity, food, and water briefly it’s keeping Egypt alive. So now Egypt will face in the near future a huge issue it the water shortage which mean shortness of our lives as an Egyptians. We should found a solutions to survive, and at this project we will try to focus on the impact on the food industry that will be affected by the water shortage at Egypt and found a solutions to survive and stay alive.
Our main topic is the water shortage and its impact on the food industry which an urgent problem
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Nile water:
According to a contract between Egypt and Sudan at 1959 the Nile water amount is 18.5’109 m^3 to Sudan and 55.5 ‘109 m^3for Egypt. Nile water have 97% of a renewable water viands in Egypt. The overall cultivated space in Egypt is lesser than 4%. The source of the Nile water in Egypt are in Ethiopia 83% and Equatorial Plateaus 18%. The output of the previous spilt into 13% from Subat, 58% of Blue Nile, and 12% from Otbara River respectively. It’s striking that of its huge resources 110’ 109〖 m〗^(3 )/yr only 30’ 109 m^3/yr arrive the Victoria Nile section. The rest is wasted by the operation of evaporation.
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Ground water:
The main ground water source in Egypt exist at the western desert, Sinai, downward and west of the Delta, and under Upper Egypt. This water is renewable because its produce from infiltration of Nile water and drainage water. The infiltration of overflowing irrigation water and the dragging of the groundwater in the rest sections of the Delta plays a remarkable role in protect the territory against the saline

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