The Watergate Scandal

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In this research paper, I will be examining the cases of failed plans of burglary, pertaining to U.S. President Nixon, known as the Watergate scandal. In my essay, I will dive in and analyze the time and place of which events occurred. The theme here is to find where the plan went astray and how it backfired. I aim to condense and simplify the objective of the plans to make the essay more digestible to readers. Be aware that the times I tend to scrutinize will be carefully analyzed in the form of steps.
For every crime or espionage, there is a purpose. The five men that were linked to Nixon’s Committee had a motive for undergoing such an illegal act: to find information about the Democrats. The five men were Virgilio González, Bernard Barker,
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This made Nixon very paranoid and suspicious of others. For the press was Nixon’s political enemy. It was revealed that Nixon’s closest aides were the convicted men. In addition, Baldwin came forward to the FBI, practically betraying the group by confessing who was in involved in the scandal. In fact, an anonymous man is known as “Deep Throat” informs the press of the crew’s plans of sabotaging political parties. What is even more dishonorable, is that Nixon had secret tapes that he secretly recorded with 3,700 hours of meetings and calls in executive offices. These tapes were the fault of the entire scandal, which was detrimental to Nixon’s presidency. Nixon refused to turn them over and eventually handing over edited transcripts of the tapes. In order to hide the incriminating evidence, Nixon compulsively lied throughout the whole predicament to the press and to the people of America-even the government. Eventually, Nixon handed over the tapes as commanded by the US Supreme Court. Suspiciously, eight and a half minute of a recording was missing, potentially making it impossible to uncover all of the evidence. This was the tragedy of the Watergate Scandal. One of the tapes, called “Smoking Gun” confirms Nixon had yielded justice. For Nixon violated the law by trying to cover up the investigation yet again, leading to three articles of impeachment.
In conclusion, the Watergate scandal was a
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