The Waters Of Babylon: Themes In By The Waters Of Babylon

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In the story “By the Waters of Babylon,” we come across fascinating characters throughout the story as the protagonist John the son of a tribal priest explains his journey and strive for success as the story goes continues. The other character we come across in the story is John 's Father who conducts the ceremony initiating his son to tribal to the tribal priesthood. In addition, we meet John 's Brothers who are the hunters in the story. Finally, the Forest People are the Ignorant rivals who are in the Advanced society in which John lives, we remember John saying he has fought these people. In addition, a theme in a story or narrative is a mood set throughout the story. This is a significant role since a theme in a story is what sets the story is undergoing. In the story “Waters of Babylon” we could say we came across various themes. One of the themes we noticed was the Advancement of Exploration. In the story, it states “Forbidden to go east, but I have gone, forbidden to go on the enormous river, but I am there. "This clearly states that one of the themes we confront in the story is when John makes the decision to explore the world around him as he believes that 's exploring the world is the only way he can better himself although traveling comes with unbelievable dangers. Another theme, we realize in the story is how John becomes more self-possessed as the story is ongoing. In the text, it states “At first I was afraid to approach him-then the fear left me.” Based
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