Stereotypes In John Steinbeck's Watership Down

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Introduction Paragraph

The story of Watership down begins with two brother rabbits whose names are Hazel and Fiver, who get to an area where Fiver has a bad feeling about soon when they both notice a sign Fiver has a mental breakdown and tells Hazel that he has a feeling that something bad will happen to their warren (home) Fiver would later on be proven to be right as the sign that they couldn 't read states that a house will be built on top of their warren. Because of this event Fiver and Hazel go to visit the Chief Rabbit trying to convince him to have everyone in the warren leave because of this unknown danger that fiver has a feeling about. But the Chief Rabbit isn 't convinced that a danger is coming and that he should evacuate the warren. But Hazel believes his brother Fiver and they decide to leave the warren 9 other rabbits leave with them 3 of the main ones in the story are named Dandelion, Blackberry and Bigwig. During their journey to start a new warren they come across a friendly warren. They accept the hospitality and join the warren but Fiver has a bad feeling about the new warren and his feeling would be proven right again as they gang find out that the warren is a trap by a farmer so they all leave.
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Soon they realize that under the system in Efrara they were stuck in Efrara against their will. They end up escaping but they decide to go back to Efrafa to find more does (female rabbits) to join their warren after escaping Efrafa this was a risk they had to take in order to sustain their warren for the coming years they risk the chance of being killed in order for a chance to bring back does. This risk would work out as the group is successful of bring back does but now have to fight the rabbits from Efrara they win the battle and because of their efforts their warren is
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