The Watsons Go To Birmingham Character Analysis

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“The watsons go to birmingham”

All kinds of people change in many different ways. Take the two main characters from the novel “The Watsons go to Birmingham” for example. Byron and kenny Watson both go through a lot of changes on the inside and out, but Byron has changed the most. In my opinion Byron changed the most because he cares about his family even more, he acts more responsible and, is a lot more understanding One of the ways Byron changes is that he cares more about his family. An example of this is when Byron saved Kenny from drowning at the swimming hole in Alabama. Byron pulled Kenny out of the water and wouldn’t stop hugging him and mumbling his name, he was also kissing the top of his head and wouldn’t let him go. Another example is when Byron was standing outside of the church with his parents while crying and he was to scared to go inside to find Joey. He was sad because he thought that Joetta had died when the bomb blew up
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After the Watsons get back from Alabama, Byron hangs out with Kenny a lot more because he understands that Kenny feels bad about what happened. Byron also finds out that Kenny has been hiding behind the couch and understands that he is waiting there for the “Magic Powers” to heal him like it healed all of the animals that have gotten sick or injured. He also tells Kenny that if it wasn’t for him, Joetta would have gone back into the church and might have died. Byron even lets Kenny cry with his head in his lap instead of telling him to shut up and to go away. Byron closed the the bathroom door so no one else could see him cry. He tries to make Kenny feel better by telling him that he was the only one brave enough to go inside while him and his parents cried
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