The Watsons Go To Birmingham: Play Analysis

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The article Susan B. Anthony Dares to Vote! and the play The Watsons Go to Birmingham share the common theme of being different. For example, in The Watsons Go to Birmingham, they are not allowed to sit up front in a movie theater. In Susan B. Anthony Dares to Vote she is voting illegally because of her gender. These themes are shown differently in each text because in Susan B. Anthony Dares to Vote! Susan takes an extreme risk of breaking the law to show that women should have the same rights as men. In The Watson Go to Birmingham, Byron and Kenny go into a restaurant, unknowing that they will get yelled at and told to go to the back or get arrested.

The theme of the article Susan B. Anthony Dares to Vote is being different. In the article, Susan goes to votes which at the time was illegal for women to do. Meanwhile, It was legal for men to vote in every election. “If the same act had been done by her brother, it would have been honorable. But having been done by a woman, it is said to be a crime.” After her first case, she was to be sentenced by a
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In the play, an African American family travel to Birmingham, which is a segregated city. When they arrive, they go to Grandma Sands house and then head out to lunch and Byron and Kenny try to order hot dogs. They end up getting kicked out and threatened to because they went into the white only part of the restaurant. “Boy, you better get up off that seat. Don’t make me call the police and have you arrested.” , on the other hand, being different because they got kicked out of the restaurant just because of their skin color. Then the next day they go into a movie theater and they sit down on the balcony. Kenny asks if they can sit closer. “Mr. Robert, can we sit closer?” “No Kenny. Only white folks can sit down there. Nevertheless, this is significant because it is stated that only people different than them can sit down

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