The Wave By Todd Strasser: An Analysis

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Freedom is the ability to do whatever one wants without restraint. Many people in our country take freedom for granted, while many suffer from the lack of freedom in other countries. Freedom is when you choose all of your actions, which is what was meant for everyone. Making choices of your own is how you learn and grow. When you are in a position without freedom, somebody withholds it. The withholder makes your choices and dictates what you can and can’t do. To do whatever you so desire makes you free. To me, freedom is the most treasured possession you can ever have.

Though freedom is so great, it is often neglected. There is a book based on a true story called The Wave, that is written by Todd Strasser. In this story a teacher conducted an experiment at a high school in Palo Alto. A history class in this school was learning about the Holocaust and how it was started. This class was directed and disciplined by the teacher, and was taught to do everything the way the teacher commanded the students. The students were swept up in the excitement, and gave up their freedom to this movement “the Wave”. Students were then thinking everyone was equal and tried to force others to join the movement. Things progressed into chaos, and the teacher revealed to them that this is how the Germans were swept into the Nazi regime without knowing it. Each group gave
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Freedom is a serious thing; we cannot take it for granted. When you do not cherish it, you forget freedom’s importance such as in the example of The Wave. The First Amendment of our Constitution protects our basic human rights so that we can learn and grow for ourselves. Freedom is a most precious gift - truly a blessing not to be taken for granted. It enables us to do everyday things and act according to our own conscience, thus we must not forget the meaning, importance, and blessing that is called
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