The Wave Summary

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All hail the Wave Leader, Mr. Ross! Teachers all have different ways of helping their students learn. As teachers, they’ll find the best way possible to get their students engaged in learning. Take for example The Mr. Ross in The Wave by Todd Strasser wanted to develop a new way to teach his students, so he came up with the wave. Which was a group in which every student was equal and more organized, nobody had judged those in the wave. But this could have been used to manipulate the students to do what Mr. Ross wanted. Another teaching method would be Ms. Gruwell Erin had been teaching students that had been considered unteachable by the school. She had them write how they wrote. It was a way in which they could share their emotions/feelings of the past, present, and future. If she learned more about their lives and how they felt she could have made a new system in which they could enjoy learning. One other good example is Ms. Johnson’s teaching style in which she had taught students that had driven a teacher and 3 substitutes crazy. She had started with a drill instructor attitude. When she manipulated her students it was through hugs and…show more content…
Ross had been asked a question to a lesson he had taught but couldn't answer, so he came up with the wave an experiment in which the students would know how it was to live in Nazi Germany. This experiment spread throughout the school till the point in which students skipped their classes to go to his. The students had done what he would expect. He told them if they are to answer a question to stand was manipulating them, they had lost their sense of what's right or wrong and their individuality. This method had later on collapsed because students hadn’t been acting like themselves. Mr. Ross's intentions had been good he underestimated the effect it would have on the students. Therefore, the principal had asked him to shut the Wave down. He had done all that in order to teach his students how rule under Nazi Germany
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