The Way To Rainy Mountain Summary

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The story “The Way To Rainy Mountain” talks about the story and the rituals of the Kiowas. However it gradually leads up to the personal relationship between the writer, N. Scott Momaday, and his grandmother. He begins to speak about his times in his grandmother’s house. How it plays a significant role in his life. The story makes the reader relate to the role of his grandmother’s home in his life. The writer’s grandmother’s home symbolises his childhood. He talks about the times he spent with his grandmother in her home. The time she was praying to the Kiowa gods with the sound of sorrow in her voice. Similarly, the get together that took place in his grandmother’s home. His grandmother would bring all the Kiows together in her home, the wise men, women,…show more content…
We visit her house regularly, she is very close and dear to my heart. Her home symbolises my childhood I spent half of my life in her house. I have good and bad memories in her house, like the time my aunt, sister and I brought the garden hose from the roof to the first floor to fill the pool, or the time when I got a nose bleed because of a soccer accident. My grandmother makes me feel safe, happy and make me realise how lucky I am that I have a grandmother as great as mine. The writer’s grandmother’s home and my grandmother’s home have many things in common. They both are places that bring people together. They both symbolise our childhood. The writer’s has many meaningful moments in his grandmother’s home, which is similar to my grandmother’s home. However, the writer’s grandmother’s home is small, my grandmother’s home is big. Provided that they both make it seem larger than they are because of their big hearts. In conclusion, there are many similar traits between the writer’s grandmother’s home an mine. They both are the home of the people dearest to our hearts. They both symbolise our childhood
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