Use Of Punishment In Life Of Brian

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Life of Brian is a British movie made by Monty Python in 1979. The film tell the story of a Jewish man, Brian Cohen who was been mistaken for the Messiah. The movie is a comedy that revolve about religion, its followers, colonization, political revolutionaries and the deformities of human connection. Life of Brian was first forbidden since it satires about religion and politics at the time of its release, religious groups accused the movie to be “once denounced as blasphemous and an insult to Christians” (Bingham).However, at the end it was accepted and got considered as one of the best British comedies. Among the topics that were criticized in the film, punishment is one of them; since there were two main ways of punishment allowed at that time: stoning and crucifixion.…show more content…
Punishment has been utilized in religion and politics for non-valid reasons, rather it has been used for self-defending purposes and it has been imposed to people. In the movie Life of Brian two scenes shows two different ways of punishment, stoning, a way of chastisement that was used by Jews. In the film Brian and his mother are going to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus talks. Nonetheless, it was difficult for them to listen and comprehend since they were in the back of the crowd. Therefore, Brian and his mother chose to go to the stoning of a man blamed for blasphemy. Since women are not permitted to go to the stoning Brian 's mother needed to wear a fake facial hair much the same as numerous other
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