The Ways We Lie Analysis

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The story commences with an unusual action done by the protagonist. The essay suddenly begins in the middle of the protagonist being disciplined by her teacher for these actions.
The beginning of the piece grabs the reader’s attention through immediately putting the audience into the story. This is done by showing the focus of the story, the unusual obsessions and compulsions of the protagonist. The sudden introduction towards these unusual actions grabs the reader’s attention, making them focus on these compulsions. These actions and thoughts drive the reader to continue reading the piece to find an understanding or conclusion towards her mysterious actions.
The author segues the introduction into the body of the story by continuing the situation the
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The Ways We Lie
This essay leads with an anecdote of an unusual and unfortunate situation. The author illustrates the lies she says during the phone call with the bank to lying to her client that she is “ok”.
By introducing the essay immediately within the protagonist’s unusual and unfortunate situation, the readers gain this desire to continue to read as they begin to pity her situation.
The anecdote in the introduction illustrates the multiple lies the woman has said throughout her unfortunate day. Once this is established to the audience, she transitions to a broad statement, generalising her situation with the anyone else as she says “we all lie”.
Turkeys in the Kitchen
The essay starts with a startling and generalized statement as the author says, “Men are still basically scum when it comes to helping out in the kitchen.”
This grasps the reader’s attention as the audience wonders why the author is writing with such hatred against a generalized group, men. This makes the reader want to continue to read as they desire the answer to their questions and understand the author’s
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