Character Analysis: The Wedding Crashers

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Two entertaining actors who last teamed up in the 2005 box-office hit, The Wedding Crashers, star in this comedy about how forty-something people attempt to get employed by today’s technology giant, namely Google Inc.
After losing their jobs as wrist watch salesmen, Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) experience difficulties in finding satisfying new jobs in a market where their age and dated skills count against them. After searching on-line for jobs, Billy stumbles across an application for Google’s competitive internship programme and decides to apply for both Nick and himself. Together they enroll at some cheap online university to meet the entry criteria for the interview with Googles internship recruiters.
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He defines a leader as someone who inspires and motivates his followers. In the work place leadership and management go hand-in-hand but they are not the same thing. More detailed differences can be found on the Wall Street Journal [2]. At times it is difficult to distinguish the two traits and the perfect boss is someone who can switch easily between the two whenever the situation demands. For example, if there are tight deadlines to be met, a strong manager will ensure that his staff are able to execute plans on time and with good quality and if need be, he will coordinate with external parties to ensure that his team has the necessary resources to succeed with the task at hand. The very same boss on a different occasion may display his sound leadership ability to inspire everyone when the team is feeling demotivated and tired of lack of growth opportunities. This special ability in a boss is most sought after in any work place and the real-world success story of Google Inc. is that its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are brilliant at both. Where in the world would one get a free meal every day and a chill room at work in which to sleep and where you have to prove yourself on an internship challenge against the most skilled opponents before you would get a full-time job? This is what makes Google Inc. one of the most desired places to work and has made it one of this centuries most successful companies in the
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