The Wedding Scene In John Irving's A Prayer For Owen Meany

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Tabitha Wheelwright does not have a normal life. When she has a wedding where strange things occur, this is not shocking. In A Prayer for Owen Meany, the author John Irving uses many literary elements to create a sense of mystery and plot twists to tell an astounding story of the character Owen Meany. The wedding scene in the novel involves many important characters, eerie symbols, and foreshadowing. The wedding scene gathers many characters that make monumental impacts throughout the book. Owen Meany himself is the factor of many symbols and foreshadowing. As Simon said to Owen earlier in the scene, Owen looks as if he is dressed for a funeral instead of a wedding. His dark suit maybe the nicest piece of clothing he owns, but it is still eerie because the readers know that Tabitha will die soon after this. Owen is manipulative in this scene too. First, he steals Hester’s panties, so she is forced to beg for them back. Then, he refuses to go home with his father so that later Dan and Tabitha must take him home on their way to their honeymoon. Maybe Owen’s intentions were purely that he just wanted to spend more time at the wedding? However, what is more likely is that he manipulated his way into spending more time with Tabitha because he loved her and wanted to watch for the angel of death to protect her again. Hester and Owen begin to develop more of a friendship at the wedding. Owen is no longer afraid of Hester. Instead he picks on her which Hester enjoys. This is the
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