The Wedding Singer: The Tragic Hero

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In modern time, when someone watches a comedy movie they think of the humor and entertainment they will get out of it, but comedy is not all about the hilarity. A true comedy movie follows a normal, everyday character, known as the comic hero, who is easy to love and sympathise with. This character is in search of their rise in fortune, such as love or friendship. Also, they struggle with outside, more powerful forces, the blocking characters. The comic hero must fight the blocking character in order to get what they want. Success is usually achieved with help from the main character’s friend or mentor. In the movie The Wedding Singer, the main character Robbie and his coworker Julia are both engaged, but with the wrong people. Robbie struggles with a broken heart and finding true love, while having one of the most romantic jobs, a wedding singer. The film takes place in the 1980’s in Ridgefield, New Jersey in the Spring and Summer time. The movie The Wedding Singer is a comedy because the storyline follows normal, everyday characters that cover all of the comedy archetypes.
The comic hero is an essential character to a comedy because they provide the plot and humor needed for a successful story. Robbie Hart is the comic hero in The Wedding Singer, and he is engaged to Linda who fell in love with him because of his dream to be a rockstar. At their wedding Robbie was stood up by Linda, in spite of the sunny blue skies. The next day was gloomy and dark, when Robbie found out

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