The Welfare Queen Myths

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The myth of the Welfare Queen
Social structures and the way society is organized affect the behaviors and actions of humans. Throughout history have faced great deal of inequality and poverty. This social issue has led to many maladaptive behavior, lack of opportunities, and in many cases to an excuse for discrimination and racism.
In the early 70s, the term known as “welfare queen” was introduced to the American society when referring to women’s who were living under poverty and were using and abusing the welfare system. In some cases, women were using different names and false social security number to obtain public assistance (Martin 35). At first these action were taken as a moral issue; people who benefited for this welfare were identified as lazy, incapable of money management and lack good habits. It was in 1976 when this term took at twist and became a tool of a political used by President Ronald Reagan during his presidential campaign (p2_Martin 35). When we repeatedly misinformed his followers by giving the wrong image of people under welfare as the ones who were acting as poor but owing expensive cars at the cost of public assistance but he ignored the facts that these people are indeed the victims of an unjust society.
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In order to understand these action, society must avoid a superficial view and take a profound understanding of the root causes of social reality. In the case of unemployment, many belief that people do not want to work; in reality the lack of opportunities, special training, education and the collapse of an economical system could actually lead to economic stress and greater public issues such as unemployment. All these barriers leave the beneficiaries of welfare with the only option of receiving public
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