Essay On Wellness Walking

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The wellness walking makes a complex influence on the human organism in different ways. First of all, it 's an expenditure of energetical substances like fats and carbohydrates, proportional to the length and speed of walking. It 's important to say that the human body, as a biological species, "homo sapiens", was forming in the conditions of constant hard labour. But in the last 100 years, the amount of physical work was reduced from 95% to 1% because of automatization and mechanization of the industry. Muscle system, which makes up 40% of male body, became, in fact, excluded from the normal vital activity, and thus everyday energy expenditure sharply decreased, but usual eating regime has remained almost the same. According to the statistics, an average 40 year-old European with 70-kg body mass spends about 2700 kcal every day, and takes in from 3200 to 4000 kcal with food. It 's so-called positive energetical balance, when intake of the energy is larger than its outgo, and excess of nutrients is accumulated as fat in subcutaneous fat depots and abdomen. It 's the main reason of most "civilizalion sicknesses" - because cholesterol accumulates too, causing atherosclerosis with all its complications - hypertension, heart attack and stroke.
The deficiency of energy expenditure
So, the deficiency of
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Because of the steep and dangerous mountain roads, its inhabitants don 't use any autotransport and have to go for food to the neighbouring villages by feet. They don 't suffer from heart strokes, although mortality rate from this disease is very high in Switzerland. And such examples can be continued. So, after a 20-year observation of 16000 graduants from Harvard University, it was found that mortality rate in the group that practiced wellness walking and running was four times lower than in the group with little physical
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