Western Canon Literary Analysis

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Over the years, literature and arts have had a significant impact and influence on culture. Through unique styles, authors have been able to construct literature that directly affects the lifestyles of individuals during that period. To fully appreciate the literature that influences culture the most, it is crucial to isolate them. Thus, the Western Canon was created to contain all the literature that has been proven to be essential to western culture. The Western Canon includes a wide range of genres ranging from works of Shakespeare to more modern works. To be placed in the Western Canon a piece of literature must show uniqueness and create an influence on culture. An example of such a piece would be Murder on Orient Express by Agatha Christie.…show more content…
The Murder on the Orient Express is the story of a murder that takes place on a train to London. The book starts off with detective Hercule Poirot traveling to take a break from his work. Unfortunately, Poirot, through a telegram, is called to London urgently. While Poirot is resting at a restaurant, he meets with his old friend and colleague M. Bouc. While on the train, Poirot notices that the train is full, which is extraordinary for this time of the year. Poirot runs across many characters during his journey. One character in particularly catches his eyes: an American that goes by Rachette. Poirot has a feeling that Rachette is evil and he has an immediate dislike for him. Although Rachette knows that he is in trouble and asks Poirot to protect him, Poirot refuses due to his personal vendetta. This was a clear foreshadowing of the murder of Rachette who was later identified as Casseti, a notorious murderer. Although Casseti had been tried for his wrongdoings, he exploited his money and resources to avoid capture. The novel then shifts tone, with the detective and his partner starting to explore the clues to find the murderer. In the end, it is concluded that not one, but all thirteen suspects were associated in the murder. Despite knowing this, Poirot decides that Casseti had gotten what he deserves and hide the truth from the…show more content…
Murder on the Orient Express is based on a true story where a man had murdered his son and was never caught due to his connections. (____) This led to a person being put to death without any evidence. This relates to Cassetti directly: he escaped his punishment because he had money and resources. Even though Cassetti was tried for his crimes, he managed to be set free. This suggests that the justice system failed and Cassetti deserves a just punishment for his actions. Because of this, the suspects decided that it was up to them to create their own jury and sentence Cassetti his punishment of
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