The Westing Game Book Vs Movie Analysis

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“Aaaaahh!!” Turtle screamed as she saw Sam Westing’s dead body in the Westing house! People like to read and watch good mysteries just like this movie and novel. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin contains many mysteries in both the movie and novel. The Westing Game movie and novel contain many similarities and differences that are worth exploring. The storylines of the novel and the movie are very exciting and interesting. The storyline of the novel is that Sam Westing was murdered by one of the heirs. There’s a game that tries to find the murderer, which is played by the heirs. Turtle Wexler finds out Westing is alive and has four different identities. These identities were, Julian R. Eastman, Barney Northrup, Sam Westing, and Sandy…show more content…
An item that is different is that many characters are not heirs and some aren’t even in the movie like in the novel. For example, Flora Baumbach wasn’t in the movie to be a mother figure for Turtle because Grace Wexler was being a good mother to Turtle. Also, another person that was not in the movie was Theo Theodorakis, and he wasn’t in the movie because Chris was already the one playing chess. Doug Hoo was in the movie, but he was not in The Westing Game itself. Another big difference was that Sydelle Pulaski wasn’t the mistake like she was in the novel. Sam Westing had a mistake brought to play The Westing Game in the novel, but not in the movie. There are some differences between The Westing Game novel and movie. The Westing Game movie and novel contain many similarities and differences that are worth noting. For example one big similarity is when Turtle wins The Westing Game in both movie and novel. A major difference is that there are some characters that were in the book that aren't in the movie like Flora Baumbach, Theo Theodorakis, and Madame Hoo. Even though the movie wasn’t as good or as exciting as the book, they were both interesting and are fun to read and listen
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