The Wet Market In Malaysia

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A wet market is a place where people can buy any type of fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats and others. There are many wet markets in Malaysia. The wet market is given name based on the environment of wet floors which is the workers there regularly spraying the floors with water. The shoppers can tolerate with sloppy floors as the items sold at wet market are known for their fresh quality and low price.

Usually, the wet market will be opened in the weekends. The best time to go to a wet market is early in the morning because the items still fresh and there are many choices that can be chosen. The wet markets always crowded. The dirty bodies of traders and shoppers pushed, squeezed and grind you with their trolleys in tow as try
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The traffic is squeezed because the shoppers and traders would try to park as close as possible to the market without bothering if their parking put inconveniences a lot of people. There is no points honking as nobody would bother to respond to please. Everybody is not sensitive to the various dramas which involving life and death occurring at the wet market.

The wet market is often more like a complete shopping complex. It has various sections fulfilling to the complete needs of the customers such as food, spices, fresh meat to vegetables and more.
But it seems that almost every stall is bursting with items and goods.

There are many sections in the wet market. The first section is vegetables. Mountains of vegetables overflow in the vegetable sections. From the sayur kampung and ulam of the Malays which includes weird herbs such as pucuk paku, ulam raja to pucuk tenggek burung. You just ask any of the Malay traders of their health benefits, and they will claim that those herbs are better than the power of Viagra. But then again, other races would lay similar claims with abalone, rhinoceros horns and even Coriander. While the Indians are at loss for choices from the shiny, purplish brinjals, ladies fingers to the sweet drum sticks which they love to add in their cooking. The Chinese are not to be out done with their display of tofu, bean sprouts, daun kucai and the fermented salted cabbage still immersed in brine. There
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It has poultry section is the section where customers can see the live chickens are slaughtered right before their eyes. After been slaughtered, the meats will be selling as chicken meats. At the wet market, the customers also can see the hunks of red flesh meat, shredded by the knives hanging on the sharp metal hooks and some of them are available on the tables. Not only that, the wet markets also sell seafood such as fishes, crabs, cuttlefishes, cockles and many more which customers can see at seafood

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