The Whale Caller Analysis

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The Whale Caller by Mr Zakes Mda, is an African novel, a beautiful novel that talks about love, hate and environment. It is a novel about a man in South Africa named Whale Caller. The Whale Caller first appears to be sexually attracted to whales, a whale he named Sharisha. As the story progresses, he meets a woman named Saluni, who falls deeply in love with the Whale Caller. Throughout the story, the Whale Caller constantly has internal conflicts and pollution start invading in our environment and affect the society. In this regard, I urge that first sight love will forever ties you to the one whom has your heart and desire.

Love, fate and desire between the Saluni, Sharisha and Whale Caller got a bad ending as it was driven by the sexual attraction that brought first Whale Caller to Sharisha and later to Saluni who lost that opportunity and tries to destroy the love between Sharisha and Whale Caller because of hatred and revenge. He tries to love Saluni, however he cannot abandon the love he has toward his beloved whale, Sharisa Whale Caller and Sharisha shared something that is real and undefined, but the other woman in the picture, Saluni tries by all her means to get her Whale Caller back. Saluni will do anything to get her man, a Whale Caller after losing him to the Sharisha, but fails dismally because the Whale Caller is madly in love with Sharisha now and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Love triangle caused a chaos in the families of the two female
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