The Whiskey Rebellion

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After the American Revolution the economy of the newly founded United States was very similar to the economy of the colonies beforehand. Not much had changed on the economic front of the new country formed after the Revolutionary War. Before the Revolution the British colonists were being taxed on purchased goods after the French and Indian War. The Whiskey Rebellion was a very clear sign that the American Revolution was not very revolutionary. The American citizens were still being taxed on on goods because of the wars that they had started that were supposed to benefit them. As seen in the George Washington letter to Alexander Hamilton, the United States citizens were harassing the tax collectors. Before the Revolution, when there were taxes…show more content…
Both before and after the Revolution Blacks and women were seen and less than white men. In the African american’s valedictorian speech, it clearly states that even if Blacks were free, employers and coworkers still wanted nothing to do with them. No one would want to give jobs to African Americans, no one would respect them at work due to the fact that African Americans were enslaved for so long in the United States. Why would anyone respect someone. or even a group of people that didn’t have or need respect beforehand. As seen in the slavery map 15 out of the 31 states abolished slavery after they were forced to be the Emancipation proclamation. If the Revolution was so revolutionary why didn’t people see that slavery was wrong. It took nearly 100 years and another war to see that forcing people into working for you was wrong, that you couldn’t own other people. Also, women were not seen as equal to men. It took nearly 200 years for women to get the right to vote in a public election. If the government made after the Revolution was made by the people and for the people, why were only one race, one class, and one gender allowed to vote. The voting process was made so that the people would have a say in their government, but only white landowning men could vote. If the Revolution was the cause of social changes why would it have taken so long for those changes to be applied in the everyday lives of the citizens. The social advancements made by the United State could not have been caused by the Revolution because some changes happened fairly soon after the Revolution, how can we be so sure that the Revolution caused changes in society 200 years
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