The Whistling River Analysis

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Paul Bunyan Tames the Whistling River By John Chan CAST Narrator Paul Bunyan a giant lumberjack Babe a blue ox, Paul’s sidekick The Whistling River an obnoxious, loud, winding river Squeaky Swanson a lumberjack with a loud voice Logger: a local lumberjack Narrator: The tale of the Whistling River takes place in the early 19th century in the early United States. One sunny day, Paul Bunyan was relaxing on a hill by the river. He was minding his own business, combing his beard with several large pine trees. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large muddy wave reared up and spat out gallons and gallons of muddy water onto his legendary beard. Paul: (startled) What in gawds name was that? Narrator: Just then, a local logger who saw what had happened and happened to be working near the bank where Paul rested came over and confronted Paul. Logger: Ah, I see that you have met the devilish Whistling River. Paul: The Whistling River, what is that? Logger: Ya never heard? Why the river is rightfully named! Every so often, the Whistling River rears its ugly head up to a height of almost two hundred feet and lets loose an obnoxious, bellowing, roar-like whistle that could be heard in a radius of over six hundred miles. It takes a devilish delight in plaguing the life out of us loggers. It is notorious for knotting our logs into multiple knots and flipping my men into the water, just because it can. However, it does serve a purpose as it
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