The White Family In The Monkey's Paw

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In the compelling yet nerve-wracking short story, The Monkey's Paw, the White family were responsible for the ultimate consequence they faced. Although fate took its toll when Sergeant Major Morris came in with the Monkey's Paw, the White family had many choices to make, to avoid the heart-breaking consequence. The White family are responsible for the tragic emanation, because of the foolish decisions they made throughout the book.
When Sergeant Major Morris, visitor to the White family, entered the White's house he revealed a talisman which he got from his travels in India. Fearing the dangers it would cause, Sergeant Major threw the talisman, the Monkey's Paw, in the fire. Mr. White unwisely decided to pick the talisman out, even when
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Instead of believing what Major Morris was telling them, considering he was talking in a serious tone, the White family joked around and said that the talisman story which Morris was talking about was a fake. "When he had gone, Mr White said that the story of the monkey’s paw was probably untrue, like all the other stories Morris had told them."(The Monkey's Paw, W.W.Jacobs)The White family made the tale of the talisman seem like it was a fairy-tale and rushed to see if the talisman would grant them a wish. This adds to the many stupid decisions they made in the short story.Sergeant Major Morris told the White family that if they were going to make a wish make a wish that is reasonable. Unfortunately, the White family ignored another of his warning and wished for money. Even though they were using the money for a good cause, they never considered the consequences that would come with it." ‘If you could finish paying for the house you’d be quite happy, wouldn’t you?’ Herbert said. ‘Wish for two hundred pounds, then. That’ll just do it.’ "(The Monkey's Paw, W.W.Jacobs)As a result of their decisive wish, the White family were forced to pay dearly. The next day their beloved son, Herbert died at work and they were given the money they wished for as compensation from the
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