Poem Analysis: The White House By Claude Mckay

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The poem “The White House” written by Claude McKay is a poem about the struggle of McKay. The sonnet was written in the 1920’s about the segregation of America showing the disrespect and trouble McKay went through. This essay will explore the opinion of everybody body should be treated equally as every human has the right to deserve the equal respect because there will be a lot of harm caused to the opposition. This idea has been shown through the use of metaphor, simile, and oxymoron. Overall, this essay will show that the law of segregation has a very negative impact on the general public as humanity was destroyed. The effect of segregation is clearly shown by McKay through the use of metaphor. The use of the metaphor to clearly helps the…show more content…
The oxymorons used was “[....] angry proudly” The use of oxymoron shows that Mukay is proud of his anger as he knows his point is valid and he knows what he is doing is correct. This shows that segregation can have a very negative impact on the whole community as when both the opposition are irritated there will be a larger conflict between the two. McKay also shows that segregation can affect both the sides as it is an issue that is uncontrollable for the people who are trying to tolerate it for a long time or anybody who has been apart of being negatively affected by segregation. The oxymoron helps to show the anger that most of the people affected are feeling and going through. This shows that segregation only cause people to get frustrated which happens in the nature of people handling it, however this will create a lot of conflict for both the oppositions as the people separating are already filled with anger by the stereotypes and the people who are tolerating it are getting more anger which will cause a lot of conflict verbally, physically and mentally between the two opposites. McKay intends to show that segregation can result in uncontrollable decisions and conflicts over
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