The White House Ghosts

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Have you ever wondered why in movies it is always a big house that gets haunted? What about why famous people are always the ghosts in the movies? Have you ever wondered why famous buildings always attract ghostly spirits? The home of the president is considered to be a spiritually active home. The White House is considered by many to be one of the most haunted houses is America. It is haunted by presidents, first ladies, and others who still feel that their business with the White House isn’t over with yet.The White House has had many run ins with unnatural beings whether they were presidents, president’s wives, or others that still are connected to the White House.
There have been ghostly sightings of many deceased presidents at the White
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First ladies are the wives of the president. These ladies are the advisors to the president and also speak in many events. Dolly Madison 's Ghost is seen guarding the Rose garden. She is there because once Ellen Louise Wilson gave orders to have it dug up, and workmen then reported that Dolley 's ghost appeared in the garden and kept them from continuing their work. Abigail Adams used to do her laundry in the East room because it is the driest room in the White House. When she was the first lady the White House was still in progress and they didn’t have a laundry room yet. “Abigail’s ghost has reportedly been spotted walking out of the East Room with her arms extended in front of her as if she was carrying loads of clean clothes,” (Geobeats 1:14-1:19) Abigail Adams used to do her laundry in the East room and there have been sightings of her ghost heading into and out of the East room. During William Taft’s presidency Abigail Adam’s ghost was seen floating through doors on the second floor and the balcony. Although there have been sightings of dead first ladies in the White House many other people are still connected to the White House wanting to get…show more content…
There have been other unnatural beings haunting the White House that haven’t been staff. Some of these ghost sightings have not been human and others have a history to their appearances. There have been sightings in the White House basement of a demon cat. The Demon cat will only appear right before a disaster. Example, a guard witnessed the demon cat right before the stock crash of 1920 it also appeared right before JFK was assassinated. Anna Surratt bangs on the door of the White House begging for the president to save her mom who was Lincoln’s assassination conspirator. Lincoln and his wife, Mary, tried to contact their dead son many times. Their son, Willie, died of Typhoid Fever in the White House Green Room, on February 20, 1862. “While living in the White House, he and his wife held several séances in the Green Room in an attempt to contact the spirit of their son, Willie, who died there.” Willie Lincoln who died in the White House has been seen by staff members of the Grant administration in the 1870’s. There have been many sightings of hauntings at the White House whether they be a president, a first lady,or someone else that still has business with the white house the one thing they all have in common is that they don’t want to be
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