Short Story: The Black Sheep

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Lucy and Abraham gazed down upon a small ball of black curls. Their little sheep snuggled in under Lucy’s wool and took up a quiet bleating. The fall air was quite chilly for a little lamb, and Abraham did his best to shield them from the continuous draft. Just then, Mr.Petri, the owner of Tylertown Farm, rushed through the barn door. A smile grew on his face at the sight of the three black sheep. He carefully crept forward on his knees and gently drew away the newborn from Lucy to examine it. “Oh, it’s a girl,” Mr. Petri exclaimed with glee! He paused to look at the sheep, “Well, what should we name her Abraham? Perhaps, Lucy Jr? No, too basic. What about, Turner? No, too boyish. Ooh, I’ve got it! How about, Macie? It’s sweet and strong; very fitting for my prized sheep. Yes, Macie it is.” Macie was only two years old when the foreclosure sign on the farm went up. Everyday, truck loads…show more content…
Brown shook his head and instead took the black sheep to a shack on the far side of the field. Three years later, Macie was old enough to attend kindergarten with the few other black sheep on the ranch. The “Only WHITE sheep allowed” sign had been taken down, but the rule really hadn’t changed. One day, Mr. Brown attended school at both the shack and the barn. When he saw that there were still no black sheep at the barn, he became furious with the white sheep. He put a new sign up at the barn that read, “ALL sheep allowed!” There were only six little black sheep, and two of them refused to go to the barn. Macie’s best friends, Ellie Russel, Grace Miller, and Paige Sjogren were forced by their parents to go to McDonough’s Farm, leaving Macie to attend the barn, alone. School started in September, but the white sheep did everything in their power to stop Macie from attending. Finally in November, it would be Macie’s first day of school at the barn. Her mother walked fearfully beside her, and Mr. Brown assigned two strong collies to guard Macie to and from the barn
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