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BOOK REVIEW The book that I read was The White Stocking, and it was written by D. H. Lawrence. He wrote this book in 1907 by an omniscient writing language. The story was about the relationship between Ted and Elsie Whiston. They have been married for two years and live in a small home. Elsie Whiston used to work in a factory and she is such a pretty and coquettish girl. And Ted Whiston is a traveling salesman and self-confident person who is in love with his wife. The story begins the morning of the Valentines Day. Elsie is so excited to get a new package addressed to her. When he package arrived she get it and just found out that there was a pair of long white stocking and also a couple of pearl earrings. She put the whole gifts on as soon as she opened the package and she was so pleasured about them. She tried to hide the earrings and pretended as the stockings are just a sample. She lied her husband. Throughout the story, her stolidity to the aptness and tenderness of the feelings which she is dealing with and her instability and hypocrisy promote to the story’s violent climax. It rises to surface that the stocking was a gift from her old employer and admirer who 's name is Sam Adams. Elsie unconsciously provoked her…show more content…
It suggests that sexual love carries an undercurrent of hostility, even hatred. The sexual overtones of the story are clear from the outset. The reader is made aware of Elsie’s “delightful limbs” and how the sight of her bare flesh excites and harras Ted. Elsie’s dance with Adams is described in highly erotic terms, and unrestrainable sexual japing immediately precedes the story’s climax. And I think Lawrence wrote that story just for giving a simple message. Do not tell a lie. He’s main concern was trying to teach something new to the

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