The White Tiger Analysis

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The White Tiger is an epistolary narrative in a series o of confessional letters written to Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier over seven nights. He is planning for a visit to Bangalore in a week time. It contains all sort of assertions from the informative aside to diversion in to political belligerent and it is a justification for Balram to tell his story. He writes that he is a wanted man and describes about his poster and misdeeds. The narrative moves with Balram’s uneven memories, using the technique of flash back in the movement of story back and forth. We get in to his story from his organizing viewpoint and are receivers of his figure out of post- independent India. Thereupon, the novel uses a reportorial and realistic tone in its comprehensive description of present India. Balram narrates the particulars of his life. He was born in a poverty stricken family and their identity, caste, notified by his last name ‘Halwai’ which means sweet makers, disregard of this his father earns by driving rickshaw at Laxmangarh, a semi- feudal north Indian rural area. There is vivid graphic descriptions of realistic post-independent India , which break the insight treatise on building country through modernization and progress. The realistic face of our country is worse than they appear. “If the Indian village is a paradise, then the school is a paradise with in paradise. There was supposed to be
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