The White Tiger

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The ideology that humans are self-taught/ self-educated is a conscious and frequently projected ethic that most people if not all still surmise. Balram is a complete example of someone, who in this case, relies on self-education, in order to aid him in his odyssey to entrepreneurial success. The White Tiger is about how formal education shapes individuals. In the beginning of the novel, Balram receives a nickname by the name of “The White Tiger” in the setting of a classroom. The novel reads, “You, young man, are an intelligent, honest, vivacious fellow in this crowd of dogs and idiots. In any jungle, what is the rarest of animals – the creature that comes along only once in a generation? I thought about it and said: the white tiger. That 's what you are, in this jungle” (Adiga 30). Initially, Balram was incredibly intelligent and intellectual, giving him opportunities at a higher standards. Summarily, his intelligence gave him the nickname the white tiger because the intellectualism he possessed was extremely rare, although he was only fundamentally educated. However the course of the novel, Balram attempts to personify his name by cultivating a cold hearted streak while contending in Indian society which he initially gained the specification for…show more content…
With that, Balram has only left with segments of regular, fundamental education. Consequently, he refers to himself as “half baked”. The novel reads “The Autobiography of a Half-Baked Indian” (Adiga 9). What he means by this is, to be half-baked is not to be a full disadvantage for not having an entire education, deems an Indian with full entrepreneurial spirit. This is precisely what he wants because to be a "fully formed Indian”, due to Balram, indicates that you complete school to its entirety and gain maximum education that is progressing to bigger companies and businesses consequently giving you no entrepreneurial
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