Tower Of London Essay

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For years The Tower of London has been feared by all. The Tower has been the place of torture and death for many. The tower has been under the control of many men and has had many revisions/ renovations. This tower is still standing as a reminder of London’s grim past. The White Tower has been known as a terrible prison where prisoners were tortured and killed for almost any crime, yet it has also served as a house for many royals. This tower was built shortly after 1066 (the Norman invasion). The Tower was built by William the Conqueror to imprison his enemies (“Legal procedures, crimes, and punishment”). The location of the Tower is as the name states but more specifically it is in central London on the river Thames. Located within London…show more content…
The children both arrived in the tower in 1483 after the death of king Edward IV ; their uncle Richard Gloucester, who declared them illegitimate, stripped them of their titles. After a few months they were moved to the garden tower also known as the bloody tower and were said to have been seen playing in the court yard but by mid-1483 the children had disappeared. Later someone tried to claim to be Richard and tried to take the throne only to be executed in the tower (“6 Famous Prisoners of The Tower of London”). Violence and murder were also prevalent in the tower, which was most of the time a final farewell even for royals. Overbury was poisoned but it was said he died of natural causes, and while Charles I was king prisoners were sent to the dungeons and twenty four years later he was beheaded (Shuttlesworth, Dorothy Edwards, et al 23). When king Edward was dying he told his loyal servants and nobles to work with his son until he was old enough to rule but on the day of his coronation which was may fourth 1483 but Duke of Gloucester met with Duke Buckingham and stalled the coronation for a week and by the fourth they were still a ways from the city. Then they were to stay in the tower until June twenty second where Lord Hastings accused Gloucester of killing king Henry VI (Shuttlesworth, Dorothy Edwards, et al
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