The Wide Sargasso Sea Analysis

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In the film, as well in the novel, seems like ‘otherness’ always explodes. The position of Antoinette between the worlds of different races is quite evident as she struggles to find her identity. On the one side, we have her husband Rochester, white Englishman who tries so hard to tame her wild West Indian nature, and on the other side we have Christophene, a black Creole who has a mother figure in Antoinette’s life. Racial difference is present through a portrayal of Caribbean culture as ‘Other’.
There are three clear racial categories in The Wide Sargasso Sea: the whites who are the superior race who control everything and everyone; the blacks who are nothing but the slaves and finally we have Creoles, who belonged to both, they were the
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From early on in the film we get supernatural vibes from Christophine. Since she is from Martinique she is not like other black servants and because of practicing black magic she is feared and in a way respected by others on the island. Her powerful character turns toward the black magic as a source for fighting racial and cultural oppression against men, and in this case against Rochester. Because the Rochester cannot understand the world of Obeah, since he has no knowledge about that world, he decides to leave the island since he has no control over it. “By contrast, I argue that obeah in Wide Sargasso Sea is not about metaphors waiting to be read but about the unreadability of a potent black cultural tradition that destabilizes the white rulers ' worldview.” (Mardorossian 76) “Chicken scene” is a perfect example when we catch the glimpses of Christophine practicing Obeah , in French colonies, it is called Voodoo or simply, black magic. It feels like everyone is in fear of Christophine, no matter the color of the skin. She is constantly mumbling things to herself that no one understands. The chicken scene is when Antoneitte goes in a room where she sees the picture of the holy Family and bleeding chicken feathers. Christophene squeezes the feathers in order to gather blood right after Daniel leaves. Antoneitte’s mother is a stepmother to him and with that role comes clash between
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