John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Feb 5th
John Steinbeck 's classic novella “Of Mice and Men” revolves around the escapades of George Milton and his mentally handicapped friend Lennie Smalls as they try to “make their stake” and “live off the fatta’ the land” (steinbeck, 17) During this short lived scheme, they meet Curley 's wife. Curley 's wife, driven by loneliness, tries to befriend Lennie. This attempt of companionship ends as Lennie panics and snaps her neck in a quick few shakes. She died simply as she lived, nameless and easy. Steinbeck objectifies Curley 's wife to reveal that regardless of a woman 's appearance or drive, she will never achieve her dream.
Curley’s wife is mislead her entire life to believe she is star material, by
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On George and Lennie 's first night at the ranch, they share gossip with Carlson about curley and his infamous glove. “You seen that glove on his left hand? Well, that glove 's fulla vaseline. I tell ya what- Curley says he’s keepin that hand soft for his wife” (steinbeck 27). Gross or what? This truly displays the very little concern the men have for that woman. Did they point out it was gross? Not really. Who said curley 's wife wanted a soft hand, let alone a hand at all? Being the woman/ wife in the story makes curley 's wife a possession, and inanimate object,and nothing more than. This novella continuously beats the theme that women are objects to be used to the man’s desire and satisfaction into the reader. The statement Steinbeck makes in this novella should be familiar with everyone, but is especially close to the female population. Curley’s wife was not the first, nor is she the last woman to experience objectification and isolation due to her anatomy. Steinbeck displayed the vicious cycle of sexism and how the demands of man conspire against morality of man. Curley’s wife was pretty and sought after by some, but seen as dirty and dangerous to others. Her appearance made her desirable but her resistance in submitting entirely deemed her unattractive or dangerous, just as many real women are
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