The Wife In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Bethany anne Period 3 Ms lutrell Feb 5th John Steinbeck 's classic novella “Of Mice and Men” revolves around the escapades of George Milton and his mentally handicapped friend Lennie Smalls as they try to “make their stake” and “live off the fatta’ the land” (steinbeck, 17) During this short lived scheme, they meet Curley 's wife. Curley 's wife, driven by loneliness, tries to befriend Lennie. This attempt of companionship ends as Lennie panics and snaps her neck in a quick few shakes. She died simply as she lived, nameless and easy. Steinbeck objectifies Curley 's wife to reveal that regardless of a woman 's appearance or drive, she will never achieve her dream. Curley’s wife is mislead her entire life to believe she is star material, by the hand of men passing through and leaving her behind. Men giving her false confidence in her dream simultaneously created and killed it. While practically talking at Lennie, whos more concerned with his dead pup to actually listen, she confesses details of her past where her unrealistic dream stemmed from. “Her words tumbled out in a passion of communication, as though she hurried before her listener could be taken away.”(steinbeck pg 88). She confessed that men passing through confided in her star material. “They 'd put me in movies, says I’s a natural” (steinbeck 88). This is blatant manipulation of a pretty, young, vulnerable woman. As flattering as it is, the things these actors tell her hold little to no actual foundation.The men
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