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Living in a world where people are selfish and greedy can lead to trouble. In this story The Wife of Bath, a young man took advantage of a girl and raped her just so he can fulfill his needs as a man. Not knowing that she was a virgin (or did), had ruined the future that was set for her. She now can no longer marry a knight or someone in nobility. The outcome of this story would surely cause an uproar with modern day feminists; for he got rewarded a beautiful wife even though he raped a young woman. I do agree with these modern day feminists and that it was not fair for how he ended up having a good future. He did horrible things and deserved to die.

The ending of this story had a disturbing outcome. As I mentioned in the introduction, the knight raped a young girl and was rewarded with a beautiful wife. Before all of this happened, the queen made a deal with the knight. She told him that he had one year to go out into the world and come back to tell her what women most desired, and if he did not have an answer, then he would die. Throughout that time of his journey, he was panicking because he did not find an answer to the queen 's question. At this time, the knight became desperate and decided to go look for help from an old witch. When he arrived at the old witch’s house, he found himself making another deal
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The knight was unsure and did not want to marry her because of her age, yet she would be loyal and would not cheat and leave the knight; unlike the younger, more beautiful girls. As time was coming to an end for the knight, he decided to marry the old witch so he can continue living and give the queen her answer.
After he gave the answer to the queen and married the old witch, the witch saw that he learned his lesson and was now a good person. She then decided to turn into a young, beautiful, loyal woman and ended up having a great life with the
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