The Wife Of Bath's Tale Pros And Cons

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Dalton Bragg

Mrs. Sager

English 12

12 February 2018

The Struggle to Understand

As times have changed so have people. Men are no longer the only ones that can do tough and excruciating work. Women are not the only ones that know how to properly care for a child. As a society people of both genders have become interchangeable and capable of handling work that was previously handled by only the opposing gender. Throughout collection two there are many evident examples of stereotypical gender roles being broken. The Wife of Bath’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer, Mallam Sile by Mohammed Naseehu Ali, and The Men We Carry in Our Minds by Scott Russell Sanders are all great examples. There is no doubt that men and women have broken many traditional stereotypes. Understanding the opposite sex, however, has always been a struggle because of generalizations people make about certain individuals that do not always apply to others.These generalizations prevent people from understanding the opposing sex.

In The Wife of Bath’s Tale, the knight is sent to find out what it is that women desire most. This task was especially difficult considering the knight received many different answers from many different people. “Some said that women wanted wealth and treasure, Honor said some, some jollity and pleasure.”(80) The task of understanding the position of the opposite gender is difficult to start with and even more so because the knight is struggling to get a definitive answer. The knight
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