The Wild River Quotes

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Some times I wish I could go on a wild wild crazy adventure make my life a lot more interesting then it already is, I’m not so sure that’s the same for 12 year old Ryan. In the book Wild River by P.J Petersen.In my theme book project I will identify a important theme in my action packed adventure book Wild River. Bum Bum Bum 2 boys on river can they beat it as Ryan and his brother Tanner go off a waterfall and every thing goes wrong. Ryan and tanner are like poler opposites Ryan likes video games and tanner likes it outside but tanner always pools Ryan along. When all goes wrong it’s all up to Ryan to beat nature. They go out side in 2017 get in the car and go down a river and boom there life changes some might say it went down hill. Have you ever wanted to do something with just you and you’re sibling, maybe dangerous were your mom or dad is nervous? In this book their mom was. So in this book I think the theme would be although adventure can be exciting play it safe this is important in many life situations and this book. I think everyone should use this theme in all there exiting or dangerous life situations!…show more content…
My seconded quote that supports my theme on page 6 is “We better not spring a leek”. And those are my quotes that I think support my theme. Over all my theme is even though adventure is exiting play life safe. I would recommend this book to people who like nature and people who like action packed books! Although this book is short it is vary exiting and fun to read! And that is my theme book project on Wild River by P. J
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