The Willowwacks Forest: A Short Story

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In a time before the warring machine, fruits of conflagration and discord were alien to the earths fertile soil. Before the beast of conflict could arise and wipe hope from innocent hearts, there was tranquility. The paramount example of this tranquil character was The Willowwacks Forest. With a lush canopy and a rich quantity of fruits, berries, and roots, there was the watering hole. Now this watering hole was not a luxerious oasis, nor was it a impoverished puddle, puckered and dry from an unforgiving season. But in it’s common state, would serve it’s purpose for every animal big and small that would come to visit for it’s nourishment. A mouse, living nearby, would visit the watering hole daily and liked to socialize with the other animals while on his many…show more content…
The mouse pointed her towards the brush, “ there is food on the other side of the brush. Do not worry, there is plenty for those who need it.”
Upon hearing this, the bird started to calm, her wings no longer in a frenzied flapping. “ Thank you for your help, You have been very understanding.” As the bird took off towards the brush, the mouse happened to glance over the water. But this time, just enough to see his own reflection. He ws sppoked at first, but realizing it was nothing to fear, studied the reflection with intense conviction. He was enamored with this creature he saw before him. He could not fathom his feelings into words. No meagre sentence could describe what he saw in this miniscule creature. Time seemed to pass slowly for the mouse. He didn’t notice the boar that had approached the watering hole. The boar’s hoofs squished softly through the wet ground but the mouse didn’t seem to notice. Seeing mice footprints speckled in the mud, the boar hesitated a grunt. “Mouse, what are you doing?”
“ I can’t stop looking into the water, I see the most beautiful creature I’ve ever
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