The Winding Stream Analysis

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The video we chose to illustrate Country music is The Winding Stream: The Carters, the Cashes, and the course of Country Music. The film is accessible to students and can be easily found on Netflix. The UTSA library does not have the film on hand however you can make a request and they will get it for you. In this film the life of a Virginia family known as the Carter Family, is shown and how they made an impact on music by creating a folk band. The Winding Stream is not only a movie but is a documentary based on the Carters and the Cashes. The video is very accurate considering it is mainly the members of each of the families that are being interviewed throughout the filming. The Winding Stream consists of narration from the beginning of…show more content…
The Carter family embodied the American dream, how they were from a small town focused on farming and came from a humble traditional family background that had a passion for music. Music from this time was “shared” one person would write it and they 'd give it to someone for them to collect. Students will be able to learn of a folk group who were as big as the “Beatles”, the first of their time to bring a different style of music and broadcast it through the US. The students will come to learn that in the documentary is mixed with a conceptual and biopic concept, the film will brush up on history of the group at the time as well as incorporate other artists singing folk music that the Carters sang at their time. Not only do you get to learn the ins of the Carter family as a group but also on the personal lives of each member of the group. This film will make for a great film for a student to grasp a vast knowledge on folk music from the pioneers of the genre which was the Carter family. We learn that the Carter family was in the roots of the foundation of Rock and Roll having played a role in the creation of the style as well as many others which are facts. The film will also touch on Johnny Cash who is seen as a pioneer to a lot of the artists in the 20th century in music role with the Carter family. Overall students will walk away with a strong knowledge on one of the pioneers of music as well as an appreciation of folk
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