The Windsor Castle: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Castles

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Back in the middle ages castles were popular structural buildings used to hold empires. There were many types of castles designed and built of which some grander and greater than others. But overall they all had the same purpose which was to protect the king, his court and his kingdom. The Windsor castle A Bailey and Motte castle is a castle which is built out of wood or stone keep and is on a raised earth mound which is called a motte. It would then have a bailey or enclosed court yard which was surrounded and protected by a deep ditch. Windsor castle stands high above the south bank of the river Thames on the northern edge of the district of Windsor and Maidenhead. This castle is built on quite a large scale of 13 acres making it very spacious for the residents…show more content…
This creates slopes in the area it’s on to the east, south and west which made it easily protected and defended from enemies. The Windsor was a bailey and motte castle by design at the start but was later adapted to a more modern structure. One of the disadvantages and weaknesses of Windsor was that it took around 16 years to build and some hard labour required by workers. And as it used very natural materials in its construction such as timber palisades, earthwork and stone the castle required to be updated and rebuilt quite a bit through history. But overall it was quite a strong castle and remains to be so over the last 1000 years. Harlech castle: The Harlech castle is a concentric castle that was built for a King Edward and his people. It was quite a successful built castle at keeping the enemy out and protecting the people inside. Concentric castle have quite a lot of strengths and advantages in their design and Harlech had nearly all of these design elements. The basic advatages of the concentric castle is it is a castle with two or sometimes more concentric walls. This

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