The Wine Industry In India

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Wine is an alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of grapes or grape juice. Wine is the most popular beverage, associated with happiness, celebrations and festivities. Global market for wine is estimated at 25 Billion liters.
Numerous varieties of wines are made all through the world. French wines are generally prominent. The general arrangement of wines alludes to red wines (produced using grapes without uprooting the skins), white wines (produced using grape juice) and sparkling wines (carbonated white wine). The liquor content in wine shifts from 10 to 14 %.
Indian wines are the wines made in India. Contrasted with alternate nations, wine assembling and utilization in India is lacking. This is ascribed to prior time of
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Few more units have come up after that. The wine fabricating units are found in Nasik locale of Maharashtra state as the atmosphere there is discovered to be most suitable for grapes utilized for wine making.
The Indian wine industry has been steadily growing over the last ten years. Wine is gradually becoming a part of urban Indian lifestyle. Rising incomes of Indian population, changing demography and exposure to new culture is adding to the higher consumption. The market for wine is expected to grow at over 20% per annum. This scenario is promising to new manufacturing
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Many companies participate in “surrogate” advertising by which they present an advertisement that only mentions the name of the company without any direct allusion to their alcoholic beverage.

6.2. Magazines

Magazines are also prohibited from advertising alcohol except for the Sommelier India magazine which is dedicated to the wine trade in India. The magazine is written by Indian and international writers, and contains articles and information about the wine culture in India as well as wine profiles that critique different wines.

6.3. Expos

Wine Expos and wine shows like IFE-India, Vinitaly India in Delhi, and Annapoorna India in Mumbai have become important vehicles for wine companies to do market surveys and have wine tasted by potential customers. Many expos and shows take place throughout India and are generally posted on and Sommelier India.

6.4. On-Site

On-site promotion can often be allowed although it is far less common. In Delhi, it is prohibited to promote/advertise alcohol products; therefore, many companies engage in surrogate advertising, in which they advertise their brand names without referencing alcohol (a common example is for a company to say “Johnny Walker” but have no mention or picture of the

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