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The tenth episode of The Wire was about how they got an extension on the wire tap from Judge Phelan. Once leaving the office, McNulty finds out that the judge is not on the re-election ticket. Orlando was caught for trying to buy cocaine from an undercover officer. He gives Avon’s name in hoping that the police would let him go. Once the police looked of Avon, they realized that McNulty was looking for him. McNulty and Greggs got together and met with Daniels to figure out what to do with him. They decide to use Orlando to get more information for their case and move up the ladder. Orlando’s job was to take Gregg and do a buy bust. Greggs got suspicious throughout the whole thing. She saw to guys in hoodies come up to the car and knew right away that they were busted. Orlando was shot and killed, while Greggs was shot and is very critically wounded. While this was going on the police were unable to find their vehicle and were using helicopters and driving by every ally until they found the vehicle. In the book Social Inequality: Forms, Causes, and Consequences, Chapter 10 is about Contemporary Explanations of Inequality. The chapter talks more about the different sociologists views and the different theories of stratification.…show more content…
Men are supposed have the manlier jobs while women are to stick to the house cleaning and taking care of the children. invented. “Women and men are viewed as being meant for different roles and positions”(Hurst 248). In The Wire, Greggs has a manlier job, she is cop. In the tenth episode, Greggs had to be the cop that went undercover during the buy bust. The reason she could have been chosen was because she is a female. When most people think of a cop, they think of a male. So having Greggs go, less people would have expected her to be a cop. If a guy would have been chosen to go with Orlando, the person who was buying from them would have been even more suspicious than he was with

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