The Wire: The Life Of Fred Wallace Jr.

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Fred Wallace Jr. was born November 29, 1977 in Baltimore City in the Edmondson Village neighborhood. His father, Fred Wallace Sr., was a police officer and his mother, Jeannette Davis, was a school teacher. Fred says, "we didn 't have much, but we had each other." He graduated from Mount Saint Joseph high school and attended Saint Pauls college in Lawrenceville, Virgina. He began to take an interest in music during this time period. He returned to Maryland where he pursued his passion for music with friends Sonny Brix and Maxx Raven. In the entertainment industry, he obtained adequate success not only with music, but also in acting. Wallace secured a role as a principal character in season two of HBO 's "The Wire". Looking for a change in pace, Wallace started his own tractor trailer business in 2008.…show more content…
But still, writing. The summer of 2012 Fred 's life would be forever changed. His best friend, his number 1 cheerleader, his Mom was diagnosed with a life ending disease. She was given 1 year to live and actually lived a little bit longer. But during that year they grew closer than they ever had been in life. She made him promise to fulfill the dream they began when he was just 15. Writing being the main stay of that dream. Fred decided her story would be the first step to completing that dream penning the novel " Sometimes A Guy Just Wants His
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