The Wisdom Of Eve By Ziyad Marar Analysis

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“What goes around, comes around”, an old saying that many of us may have found to be true. The short story “The Wisdom of Eve”, written by Mary Orr is an unraveling tale about an aspiring actress who manipulates her way into the theatre business only to gain a short fifteen minutes of fame. Eve did not only hurt the first person who believed in her dream, but someone who believed she was worthy of a second chance after she made a mistake as well. Eve’s plan was so detailed it could be considered a masterpiece (Orr 290). This short story proves that manipulation not only shows the morality of the person lying, it also gives insight to the way people try to view others.
In the book “Deception”, written by Ziyad Marar, he says “Our most basic perceptions of the world are thus profoundly constrained by certain ways of seeing” (9). As human beings, we naturally tend to search for the best in any given person because we do not want to feel guilty for wrongly judging them. To judge someone would show
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I’m going on a trip, also. I’m heading to Reno to get a divorce. For in spite of her success, Eve had found the time to get engaged to a famous playwright. She’s going to marry my husband, Lloyd Richards. (Orr 295)
Unlike her first shot at becoming an actress, Eve took her second chance and ran away with it. In the e-book Manipulation and Ideologies in the Twentieth Century, written by Peter Schulz, he states, “Trying to define manipulation in the abstract does not get us very far” (15). Trying to understand the reasoning of another person for manipulating you or anyone else for that matter will get you absolutely nowhere. Those who manipulate others may feel no remorse at all, the ones who hurt are the individuals that were played for a fool. Sometimes, being manipulated says a lot more about who we are then the person telling lies. As human beings, we have a blind spot and some people know just how to remain
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