The Witch And The Wardrobe Lucy Character Analysis

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It is a universal trait that applies to human and animals alike: that in times of entropy we must mature. This is what Lucy, the protagonist of C.S. Lewis’ novel “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, must face when her and her siblings are evacuated from London because of air raids. When she discovers a portal to new world where war seem to be nothing compared to the dark magic and harsh environment of Narnia. Lucy is a caring, brave, and truthful young girl Love and compassion are what make us human. Lucy is an exemplary example of caring when the Faun is crying and she comforts him, “Oh- oh -oh!’ Sobbed Mr. Tumnus, ‘ I'm crying because I’m such a bad Faun.’ ‘ I don't think you’re a very good Faun. You are the nicest faun I’ve ever met” (Lewis 19)Even though the Faun betrays her she forgives him and tries makes him feel better. This shows how she cares for him. Her only friend, the Faun is taken by the White witch. “don’t you see? We…show more content…
When questioned by her siblings she does not give in and stays true to what she has to say. "I don't care what you think, and I don't care what you say. You can tell the Professor or you can write to Mother or you can do anything you like. I know I've met a Faun in their" (27). This shows how she continues to tell the truth even though her siblings don't believe she stands by her opinion. When the Faun is crying he refuses to tell her why he is crying. about “Do stop at once! you ought to be ashamed of yourself, a great faun like you. What on earth are you crying about”(19) this shows her persistence and how she wants to know what's wrong so she can help. She asks him what's leadership skills have helped her become the true Queen of Narnia. years after the war she stands as the rightful leaded This shows leader how her leadership skill guided her and she achieved true happiness for herself and her
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