The Witness Johnny Reeves Analysis

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Witness Essay Johnny Reeves is a very important character throughout the story “The Witness”. In the story “The Witness”, Johnny is the minister of the KKK and preaches about how bad blacks are to him. Some of the problems that Johnny creates in this story are usually with blacks, because he is racist and against them. The reason he is like this is because he is a part of the KKK and has been brought up to be this way. In this story, I argue that Johnny Reeves is one of the main problem causers because of his back ground of being apart and the minister of the KKK. Johnny Reeves is a part of the KKK and the KKK is involved in many crimes or problems in this story. This is why he is one of the main problems of the story. With Johnny being a part of the KKK, this causes a lot of hurt and hatred toward…show more content…
Hirsh because he was a part of the Klan and wanted to show the Klan what to do. Johnny did not have to do or have anything to do with the shooting of Mr. Hirsh, but Johnny was so involved in the Klan and so obsessed with the Klan that he said, “There is only on way to redeem myself with my Klan brothers” (Witness Page 116). This shooting did not only hurt the Hirsh family, but causes the family to be scared and watch everywhere they went, for one wrong move could cost them their life. Not only did it cause the Hirsh family to be scared it caused Sara Chickering to be very scared to as Esther, tells us, “Sara Chickering did feel afraid this morning to go out and do the milking’s and delivering’s of her creams and butters” (Witness Page 118). The reason she was scared was because she has been a big part of Esther’s life ever since her mother died and has wanted nothing to do with the Klan ever since meeting the Hirsh family, as before she didn’t know what to think of the Klan. Now that I have talked and shown how Johnny was a part of the shooting of Mr. Hirsh, I am going to talk about his overall
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