The Wizard Of Oz Color Analysis

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Firstly the color in L.Frank Baum “The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz” I feel impacts the novel in a big way although I have never seen the movie the novel was enough for me I can't picture every conversation and journey the characters are going through in my head everything from Dorothy getting caught up in the cyclone to the good witch of the south Glinda being killed everything in the novel I could see in vivid colors although I haven't seen the movie the novel seem to have more better impact to me when it comes to color especially for me because I have never read this novel until now in my program of Educere with these colors in the novel it helped me know how the characters looked like for example Dorothy who is the main character in the novel it states that“ Dorothy had only one other dress, but that happened to be clean and was hanging on a peg beside her bed. It was gingham, with checks of white and blue; and although the blue was somewhat faded with many items of washing, it was still a pretty frock. The girl washed carefully, dressed herself in the clean gingham, and tied her pink sunbonnet on her head.”(Baum Chapter 3) with these few lines I can already picture how dirty Dorothy must have been

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