The Wizard Of Oz Themes

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After reading the Wizard of Oz, I have found quite a lot of themes from the book. Here are the themes I am going to be mainly focusing on:

1) There is no place like home
During a tornado in Kansas, Dorothy (the main character) gets transported into a completely different world from Kansas. The minute she arrives to the Land of the Munchkins, she doesn’t decide to socialize with others but on the other hand, she asks how she can get home. Even though the Emerald City and the Munchkin Country was wonderful, kind and marvelous, she was very disappointed when the Wizard of Oz left without her on the air balloon. Furthermore, when she arrived home in Kansas, she was exhilarated. This shows that nothing could replace Dorothy’s home; it was basically her aim during the whole journey. Even though Kansas was all grey and boring to her, she still considered it as her one and only home and no one could change that.

2) The importance of Friendship
During Dorothy’s interesting journey to the Emerald City, she had made lots of friends. At the start, she had met the Scarecrow, then the Tin Woodman and then finally the Lion. If she had just ignored all of them during her journey, she wouldn’t be as happy as she was described in the book. All three of them (four if you include Toto), had brought out the joy from Dorothy. Without them, she would be very sad and also she wouldn’t know where to go as the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion knew more about the Munchkin country than
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