The Wolf In Aesop's Your World

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The speaker in “ Your World “ is much like the Wolf in Aesop’s fable. A quality that both the speaker and the Wolf possess is becoming self-determined and gaining freedom. The characters also become stronger by letting go of the negative aspects of their past. These actions are both crucial to the story line but gaining independence is the most prominent similarity between the two. The Wolf in Aesop’s story and the speaker in “ Your World “ gain freedom and leave the past behind them. In Aesop’s fable the Wolf lives a fearful life filled with hunger and survival but manages to push through that and be thankful for his ability to control his actions. As the author stated, “ There is nothing worth so much as liberty. “ In other words the wolf would rather live a life with little food than loose his power to be free. “ Your World’s “ speaker expresses the…show more content…
This is exactly what the speaker and the wolf did. While the dog in Aesop’s fable was well fed their still was a price he had to pay, being rude to other people and betraying his owner. Although the wolf was aware that their was a way to curb his hunger, he decided not to peruse the opportunity and take the more noble path In this fable the wolf said to the dog, “ All the difference in the world! I don’t care a rap for your feasts and I wouldn’t take all the tender young lambs in the world at this price. “ This quote describes that no matter what the wolf would get in return, he would never stoop to the dog’s level. “ Your World “ describes he/she breaking out of their shell and becoming the most mentally strong individual they can be. The speaker says, “ I battered the cordons around me and cradled my wings on the breeze.” The character had stayed close to its home but through great determination expanded its horizon. Therefore, these quotes thoroughly explain the emotional growth of both
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